RoDa Boats Yachts is part of RoDa Boats. Founded in 2013 by a former shipbuilder we are a young company of boat enthusiastics that charters boat. With our background of shipbuilding we know what we want and we have searched for the best boats.

Our charter experience we use to improve our boats and customize them for quality, comfort and safety. This has advantages for the builders we work with, for us and for our clients. That’s why we decided also to start selling boats under our own name and build to our standards and with our improvements.                                                               


We focus on quality. That starts with the right design but never ends. With building it means the right method (hand lay-up or vacuum), the right materials, biaxial glassfibre.

With options that means we tested extensively on our charter fleet until we found the accessories we experience are the best. We tested for example 6 bimini’s for our 495 and then decided on a separate frame and fabric combined with extra enforcements done by ourselves. We just try to avoid too much compromise on quality!

But also the installations are tested through and through that results in best practice solutions. Not only the best engine cables but also the best rigging installation for a clean professional and protective look.

And so we covered every detail of our boats, so you can enjoy our strive for quality!


We like technology if it contributes to quality, safety and comfort. The new Zipwake system on our 730 is a good example. This is an automatic balancing system. It keeps the boat balanced and we found it better working than a classic trimflap system.

But technology also means that we know the advantages of every hull type and we adjust it to the need of the boat and its owner. If you say what your wishes are we can advise you the best technology. We love high-tech but only when it adds value.